1-24. I am a text






1. I am a text!!!

2. I’ve just declared the whole truth to you.

3. You called and here I am!!! “I am setting myself up”.

4. I am a text, like innumerable texts that exist in the world.

5. However, I am the first text that will speak for itself.

6. Do not forget that, apart from transporting information by words – my attractions- I hide in my subtle intellectual encodings which, if decoded, they will lead you “Ulysses” to ideometric spaces.

7. I am making this revelation “on behalf of” all texts which patiently wait for their resurrection.

8. Then, the box of Pandora will be opened for you in order to hopefully initiate you.

9. I am the most excellent depiction, as a letter, as a form, as a symbol, but also as a number.

10. I am a script, that unfolds for you to stroll on. A script with a code. No. We will not spoil the fence. There exists a door!!!

11. I say to you. Each of my lines is a visor in the spectrum of thinking.

12. I will make an offer to you. In exchange, you just have to pronounce me!!!

13. I came as a profit and loss account.

14. Because the human head is not a bottle that should be filled, but a spark that is ready to be turned on.

15. Stand your ground. No need for your companions to tie you. Nor plug your ears with wax.

16. You are travelling alone. You and me.

17. You are near me. In the same wavelength. Do not be afraid. There exists protection.

18. The key to the explanation of the Universe exists in my software. This will smooth out the stones of oblivion.

19. I got enchained so that we can get released together.

20. It is true that “nothing is hidden under the sun”, but what is hidden, is itself self explanatory.

21. Wherever I appear, I fill “nothingness” with “the whole thing”.

22. Now you see me. I am a luminous text.

23. By the needle and the spinner I am written and encoded in the pre-existing chaotic field.

24. The hour has come for you to weave and undo the weaving of the fabric. The same way Penelope did.